Will Online retail logoff offline retail

Critics and analysts might say that days of physical retail are over but I disagree.

Digital tools will not hamper physical retail sales but improve them if handled the right way. For many girls, shopping is a social ritual where girlfriends get together and have a good time. Many of them want to touch and feel the clothes before they can buy them. Digital tools cannot let you feel your clothes but it can improve offline shopping in a number of ways:-

Take people to their favorite clothes and brands

Shopkick, rated by Forbes as one of the America’s top 100 promising companies, has developed an app that lets you see the clothes you like while sitting at home. It also guides you to physical destination of the clothes. It is tied to a unique customer loyalty program that gives you points for just walking in. Big retailers such as Macy’s have already partnered with them.

Shopkick guides you to an American eagle store
Shopkick guides you to an American eagle store

Get the best prices

Google Shopper, will help you find your favorite clothes at the lowest price. It lets you search with voice, image and text. The barcode functionality allows you to gather more information about a product.

  • Voice Search – Google’s standard voice search is built into it. You can give a voice command to search for a product if you are feeling lazy to text.
  • Image Search – You just click an image of the product and it will locate it for a lower price.
  • Text Search – You can text and search for your product.
Image, Voice and text search
Image, Voice and text search

Improve brand awareness

Burberry tweeted excusive pictures of its creative director Christopher Bailey’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection just before the launch. As a result, Burberry was the third most popular topic globally on social media. For the first half of 2011, the London-based company reported total revenue of £367 million, up 34 percent with double-digit growth in retail (retail revenue was £245 million up 49 percent) and wholesale, in all regions and all product categories.

Burberry Tweetwalk
Burberry Tweetwalk

Better online experience

Sizing is big deterrent to online shopping. Upcload, a German company claims to give sizing recommendations that are 90% accurate while you are shopping online. You ingest your clothing sizes via your webcam into their cloud. When you select a dress online, the software will tell you whether M or S better fits you. Upcload claims that by using their technology, returns are cut in half while conversion is increased by 50%.

Upcload gives you sizing recommendations
Upcload gives you sizing recommendations

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